iGo Power Smart Tower with iGo Green Technology

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Sleek, energy-saving power management system with integrated iGo Green® Technology automatically reduces wasted standby power. Plug in your computer and other devices to save power without the hassle of unplugging your devices.

More Information:

  • Go Green Power Smart Tower has a $25,000 warranty
  • iGo Green helps reduce "vampire" power by up to 85%
  • 8 outlets - 4 rotating iGo "Green outlets" & 4 standard outlets
  • "Green outlets" shut down when not in use and wake up when power is needed
  • Recommended "Green outlet" devices include laptop chargers, desktop computers, televisions, cellphones, DVD players, etc.
  • Recommended devices for the standard "always on" outlets include fax machines, telephones, DVR's, devices with heating elements, etc.
  • Unique rotating outlets help accommodate large plugs
  • 2 USB charging ports convenient for charging any USB device
  • 6 ft. power cord
  • 4320 Joule protection
  • Convenient cord management holds cords out of the way and in place
  • Sleek and attractive design complements your desktop and keeps controls within each reach
  • Instant power button turns the iGo Green outlets on for immediate power

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