Galaxy S7 Battery Life Review

Galaxy S7 Battery Life Review

Galaxy S7 Battery Life, will it last a whole day? After using the Galaxy S7 for a month, I can say a few things about the battery life of this device. 

With high every day use the Galaxy S7 Battery Life has a tendency to die down me with around 10-15% battery existence at the end of the day. Like the S7 edgethough, it drops unexpectedly for the duration of intensive obligationsround half-hour of Hitman Sniper takes it down via 20%, and an hour of Spotify streaming over a 4G connection makes use of up 8%.

Galaxy S7 Battery Life has amazing standby time, even thoughmaximum in all likelihood down to the Doze function built into Android Marshmallow, so leaving it unplugged in a single day will best lose you 3-4%.

There are a few energy-saving modes to select from in case you need to attempt to get extra from the battery. The Galaxy S7 Battery Life ‘power saving mode’ adds an additional hour (give or take), while the ‘extremely power saving mode’ doubles the time you could preserve on going for. It does turn the whole thing monochrome, though.

I’m impressed that Galaxy S7 Battery has Qi/PMA wireless charging around here. It’s no longer a critical featurehowever not a lot of phones have it and it’s still a fab speaking point to drop your phone onto a wireless pad and notice it charge up. There’s fast charging too, these chargers are amazing and charge up your phone really fast, they will completely juice up your phone in only an hour, sometimes more.



Generally a brand new smartphone takes some days to 'warm up' to finest battery lifestylesbut the Galaxy S7 battery life turned into quite quick to start with. I mentioned that in the first three days of use we had around 15-25% battery life through bedtime.

And that was after some pretty in depth use – configuring some settings, trying out all of the unique display and colormodes, the usage of the digicam, plugging the phone into the gear VR and showing it off to all of the family.

The Galaxy S7 aspect lost 10% battery overnightthat's a little excessivebut we did have the usually-on show enabled even though – a repeat check with it became off (and do now not disturb mode enabled) saw the battery drop just 2%, demonstrating that the S7 aspect is quite proper at not drawing an excessive amount of power while it's asleep.

That is partly to do with improvements to the Exynos chip, but additionally thanks to the enhancements that Google has added to the table with Android Marshmallow – the brand new Doze mode is more efficient at ensuring your cellphone isn't constantly waking up and checking the community to look if there may be any extra records to feed you.

We admire that the stability is tough to attainproviding you with the facts you want while you need it, however understanding whilst the battery might be saved at less important instances butit's desirable to see that the Galaxy S7 Battery life aspect makes a real breakthrough here.

The Galaxy S7 Battery Life essentially felt a little much less 'quick to die' compared to preceding years and older Samsung devices, where the phones would die sitting in our pockets.

Overall, the battery lasts close to a day. On average during a month the Galaxy S7 battery life came to 10 hours, with constant usage, to the 0% percent.

If your battery is giving you issues, consider buying a new battery.





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