iPhone 7 Battery Life Review

iPhone 7 Battery Life Review

The iPhone 7 is an amazing phone at first glance, but the 1960 mAh battery doesn't seem promising. The iPhone 7 Battery Life might just surprise you. 

Apple said it's increased the battery life and efficiency through the the A10 Fusion chip, which is what the iPhone 7 uses. The A10 Fusion chip is designed to make the brand new iPhone 7 separate into assignment machines: on the one hand, cores can run the tougher stuff, which includes video enhancing, a couple of background approaches, photograph manipulation and so forth. The alternative two cores are a good for more light-weight tasks, however better at ensuring you can nevertheless get your emails and read the lighter apps.


Each day via around six o'clock things get dicey in terms of the iPhone 7 battery life. Searching at the stats, the motives had been many and varied: sooner or later it became Spotify running within the background that became taking its toll, the following the usage of the iPhone 7 battery life as a portable hotspot, and the subsequent Facebook and WhatsApp were also pulling the battery like no tomorrow.

The iPhone 7 Battery life is not something to write to home about, specially when there has been quite a few 'Home & Lock screen' taking up the energy, which does not make an entire lot of feel given how short an quantity of time we spent there. This seems to be just the display, it seems to take a lot of the battery. In summary, it's difficult to look where Apple has stepped forward with iPhone 7 battery life, due to the fact in spite of a 10% boom in battery life over the iPhone 6s, it turned hard to look where that tiny change was coming from.

After a few months of the use of the iPhone 7 battery life, there were only a few days where the charger wasn't needed at some point. At the weekends, where the use of the iPhone 7 battery life was a little more than usual, the battery would leave us with the Sun ( around 5 PM EST). The effort that Apple put into those cores, to improve the iPhone 7 battery life, might not have a huge impact after all, and it is no longer some thing we would ever encounter on the new Android phone - Apple needs to stand up to the level of its opponents.

it's truly a virtually poor battery experience from Apple, considering that the iPhone 7 battery life is suppose to be drastically better than its predecessor. It is smaller sized phone, however with the new cores, Apple could have decided on a slightly larger battery.

The charging speed is decent to say, if you're using the 5W adapter you can expect to sit there for hours on end. However, the 12W Power Adapter pushes 2.0 AMPs which drastically improves the charging speed in our case. Using that iPad Charging brick, you can get up to 25% battery in 30 mins, for a lot of Android users that is not a big deal but for the iPhone 7 this is pretty good bump. 



After some time, while the battery is getting close to crowned up, the charging actually slows down, although it does trickle over the line eventually. Some claim to have a splendid battery life, but that was not the case for us. Even trying unique power-use degrees on the iPhone 7 Battery Life, hardly ever caused by battery lifestyle use.

The iPhone 7 Plus is sincerely better with it's battery life, which is due to it's larger battery. 

We decided to push the battery of this phone to it's limit by putting the brightness up and watching offline video and that is where you may see how the iPhone 7 battery life has progressed: where the previous iPhone 6S controlled to drop 30%, the brand new handset handiest lost 23% for the identical usage. 

Overall the iPhone 7 Battery life is not great, simply put. However, making small changes like purchasing the 12W Power Adapter, can at least help you charge the phone quicker. 

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