Why your iPhone Lightning cable is always breaking.

Why your iPhone Lightning cable is always breaking.

If you bought your iPhone Lightning cable from a store, and paid huge amounts of money for it, this isn't for you.

Why? Because most of us don't want to pay that much for a charging cable, simple as that. So what we end up doing is try to look for a cheap alternative, most of the cheap alternatives out there don't work with iOS updates released by Apple. Then we try looking for an "Original Apple lightning cable", this is where we get trapped.

Many people claim to know the actual meaning of "Original" but it's subjective. A lot of people will think something is original just because the brand logo and manufacturer part numbers are there, however all those are easy replicate. There are so many replicas of the iPhone lightning cable that you are bound to end up with one. Here's the catch: YOU PAY ABOUT $5 FOR IT. I'm not saying expensive is necessarily better but a lot of the times you get what you pay for. If it doesn't seem realistic, it probably isn't. That isn't to say that there aren't Original iPhone Lightning cables out there, there are! They are right here, at the bottom of the page. Wait, we'll explain why the Original Lightning cable we carry is actually original and not just a hoax. 

We dug a little deeper to show everyone how our products are actually "Original". Let's take a look at the Lightning Cable, video below!

All branding, and part numbers are printed on the correct length, with the correct font, and the correct font size. Also, each cable has a specific number that corresponds to the manufacturer. BUT this can also be replicated, only things difficult to replicate are the Font, Text Colour and Size. The cable must have other features and durability qualities for the cable to "Original". Here's a few in depth pictures proving what we claim:


When the cable is bent, there is almost no spacing between the cable protector end and the insertion.

Every Lightning cable has a "paper-like" covering on the top of the connector. It has a slightly different colour than the actual glossy material thats around the connector.

The above images are watermarked to protect the authenticity of Genuine Wireless World.

 Here's a video of us opening up the Lightning Cable, and getting our hands really dirty. 




Now, I hope this gave everyone a better understanding of the Original iPhone Lightning cable. You can purchase our tested Original Lightning Cables Below, all our products are backed by a generous 30-day return policy!

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