What is the best wireless mouse to buy under $20 CAD? Here are the top 3 mice reviewed in Canada.

What is the best wireless mouse to buy under $20 CAD? Here are the top 3 mice reviewed in Canada.

With products being easily available for very low prices, it's getting hard to determine which product is actually any good. 

We're going to be taking a look at three mice that all are under the price tag of $20 CAD. This is a pretty large price range, you can find many mice under $10, but rest assured the term "You get what you pay for" is some what accurate here. The three mice we'll be taking a look at are The Logitech M170, Genius NX-7015 and The Microsoft 1850 Wireless Mouse. 

The reason for choosing these mice are simple, these mice are all under $20, they all are sleek, compact and perform their expected functions very well. Instead of getting into the specifications, we'll talk about how these mice perform in daily use. 

The first one we'll look at is The Logitech M170. Logitech is the infamous mouse maker we all know and love, and the M170 does live up to the expectation. 


Logitech claims this mouse has a 10ft range, which it actually does so using this mouse with a TV system would work great. Moreover, the mouse is said to have 12-month battery life that comes with an Alkaline battery included. 

Let's talk about how beautiful this thing is. I personally love this grey/black color, the texture feels great on hand and it provides a nice subtle grip. The clicking, the clicking is good. It's no gaming mouse, however it feels pretty good. It's good

The mouse also comes with a companion App that allows you to customize this mouse in very restricted ways. There isn't much you can do with the customization, you can change the scroll speed, scroll direction, and swap the mouse buttons. 

Overall, this is a great mouse for under $20. 



The second mouse we'll be looking at is the Genius NX-7015.  This mouse has a very unique design and I really like it. The brushed gold version we reviewed feels great in hand, the gold has a brushed aluminium feel to it and really adds the feeling of premium for a budget price tag.

 The NX-7015 also has a customization app, again with the limited features. However, this application offers more tweaks than the Logitech M170. 

Additionally, the NX-7015 advertises it works on "any" surface. This is a bit of an overstatement, but if you'll be using it on at least a flat surface you will not have any problems. This makes for great portability and comes in handy when travelling.


Overall, this mouse is also an awesome bang for the buck.


Last but not least, The Microsoft 1850 is a very popular mouse among the Microsoft Surface users. That does not mean this mouse isn't compatible with others. It most definitely is, and it does the job very well. 

First look at the mouse, my first words were "Oh it's small." Which for some people is a good thing, however for my large hands this wasn't the best. The 1850 isn't significantly smaller than others, the exact dimensions are 100 x 55mm. So you can judge whether the size is adequate for you. 

This mouse does not come with any customization software, so the changes you can make are only through the windows control panel. Which is not a big deal because the other mice don't offer too many customization either.

The mouse claims only a "6-month" battery life. Which isn't so great since Logitech is claiming 12-months but all of this highly depends on your usage.

To sum up, this Microsoft 1850 is a simple device. It simply does the job of being a wireless portable mouse and it does it very well. Available in Pink and Black.



All these are great wireless mice, all of them have a great design, comfortable to hold. There are slight differences in each that might tilt one over another, the choice is yours!  

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