iPhone 7 Must Have Accessories

iPhone 7 Must Have Accessories

Let's make your iPhone 7 and 7 plus even better with these MUST HAVE accessories. I have gathered a list of 5 iPhone 7 Must Have Accessories, and I think most of you will agree that these are definitely needed. Let's just jump right into it.

1. First let's get the cases out of the way. 

This is by far my favourite case, for obvious reasons. It feels amazing in the hand, the case fits snugly, making your iPhone 7 feel totally solid in your hand – no shifting and wiggling in the case. Moreover, this case has a handy little strap that allows you to keep it in place. If you're like me and drop your phone on your face in bed, this is the ideal choice for you.

The leather of this case feels amazing, you get the premium feel every time you hold your phone. There's an interior slot for ID or a couple bills, and the suede inside is soft, so it won't scratch your phone. This slot is also RFID protected! This case is overall amazing, and so is the price. For a premium case you're not paying much. For obvious reasons, this case is on our list of iPhone 7 must have accessories.


2. Fast Charging for iPhone.

Yes you read that correctly. You can implement fast charging for your iPhone through a very simple way. Use an iPad power adapter (charging brick) instead of the one that came with your iPhone. iPads include a 12W, 2.1A power adapter in the box, compared to the 5W, 1A adapter that comes with iPhones.

What effect will this have on your device? More amperage equals more heat, and more heat equals more wear and tear on the battery. For this reason, it’s a misconception for people to conclude that using the iPad charger is a bad idea. Apple says its safe! 

I usually see a full charge take about 3 hours for my iPhone 7 Plus with the 5W brick and just over 2 hours with the 12W brick. If you don’t already have a 10 or 12W power adapter. Fast charging has yet to be advertised by Apple and for those reasons, the 12W power adapter is in our list of iPhone 7 must have accessories.


3. Flexibility while charging 

You know your iPhone 7 Battery Life just doesn't cut it when trying to get through the day, even when you're just at home.

An external battery pack is an option, but it's just another thing you have to remember to charge at the end of the day. And until science develops some fusion battery solution, your fix is just to use a really long charging cable. It's so simple, and it solves tricky plug placements in airports, coffee shops and even my own home. 

The dreaded battery warning comes up on screen and that's when the sweating starts. People start to close all their apps, put their phone into airplane mode and perform a blood sacrifice.

You never have to experience this, or at least not very often. There are very few moments where it's actually off power. Because your cord can so long. Your life will significantly improved because of this one thing. 

Ever have that time where you pull the cord out too far and it unplugs from the wall? Yeah, that's one of the biggest first world pet peeves. You read in bed, and you absolutely demand that you be able to change which side you're laying on without having to be tethered to be something.

I don't know who designs outlet placements in buildings, but they are seldom where you need them most. An Original Lead Lightning (6ft) gives you the flexibility to be plugged in nearly anywhere with the least amount of hassle. No one likes to be glued down to an outlet and for that reason, the 6ft lead lightning cable makes our list of iPhone 7 must have accessories. 

4. A Dock to keep your phone in the car

A Car Dock is a type of device that secures a cell phone in a fixed location. These mounts are normally installed in places where one needs to have his or her hands free to do something else. 

Car Docks help avoid potential distractions that lead to these accidents by placing the cell phone in a location that a person can easily see. People who want to avoid fumbling inside one's pocket or purse whenever the cell phone rings should consider getting a holder.

For those who enjoy playing music with their cell phone, a holder can come in handy. This accessory allows a person to quickly change the station, song, or playlist with ease. Whether the cell phone is connected via Bluetooth or an FM transmitter, a cell phone holder lessens the level of contact between the driver and the phone. Instead of physically grasping the phone in the palm of their hands, people can simply tap the screen or hit a few buttons using their fingers, as they do with the buttons on the car's built-in radio and sound system. This keeps the driver more focused on the road instead of the phone.

People who own cell phones that can double as a mapping service and a GPS receiver will find that a cell phone holder allows them to take full advantage of it because the cell phone can be mounted to the dashboard in a similar position to a built-in GPS system.

The Original Samsung Dock is composed of two major components. The first one is a mounting disc with a glass-like surface at the top and non-skid material at the bottom. The second component is the cell phone holder with a suction cup that attaches to the mounting disc. The amazing design has articulating arm to help the user maneuver the phone to the best angle, while others do away with the separate mounting disc and attach the suction cup straight to the dashboard. It even comes with an adhesive 3M disk allowing you to stick it to any surface! There is an abundant amount of docks you can buy, but the overall quality of the Samsung Dock makes it obvious to have this in the list for iPhone 7 must have accessories. 


5. The ability of charging your iPhone 7 Faster in the Car

Most of us buy into the promise of marathon battery life from our phones when we opt for a new one, but within months, it often seems like they can’t hold a charge long enough to make a call. Thankfully, there’s an assortment of capable phone chargers available for your car — whether you’re an iPhone or Android user — to make sure power isn’t an issue when you’re on the road. The best car charger, however, combines a sleek look and low price with dependable functionality.

Some have enough energy to simultaneously charge your smartphone and tablet, while others distinguish themselves from the pack with a streamlined design and built-in cables. 

The best option to go for is the Samsung Dual Port Fast Charging Car Charger

Driving to an appointment, school, home, the office or just running errands and your phone’s power is running low? With the new Adaptive Fast Charging technology your Galaxy device's battery can go from zero to up to 50% in about 30 minutes, so you can charge up fast, even during shorter car rides. The Adaptive Fast Charging vehicle charger will charge other devices, like the iPhone 7 with faster charging than standard car chargers, with just a standard 2 amp charging rate.

The Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging Vehicle Charger plugs into any standard vehicle power outlet via the included USB - CLA adapter, and its compact design means it is small enough to not get in the way while driving. Samsung’s charging technology powers your phone while it charges its battery, so you can make calls, check your messages or browse the Web while your phone is charging. This Samsung charger has an output of 2 Amp to give your phone power at a much faster rate than your typical 1 Amp or 700mAh charger. Additionally, it comes packed with Adaptive Fast Charging technology that will charge Samsung devices with that feature built-in at an even faster rate!



There are so many iPhone 7 accessories out there but not many you actually really need, and some have alternative DIY solutions. However, some things you just really need to make your iPhone fill the small gaps. There you have it, I personally believe that these are the best iPhone 7 Must have Accessories.

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